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    Bond & first rental payment must be paid in cleared fund in advance.

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  • Privacy Statement

    Read the privacy statement.

    Central Equity Limited and its subsidiaries (Group) understand how highly people value the protection of their privacy. For that reason, the Group is fully compliant with the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 and takes particular care in dealing with your personal information (such as your name, contact details and property preferences). Any personally identifiable information we collect from registration forms, competition entries, applications, inquiries and other means will be dealt with in strict compliance with the National PrivacyPrinciples of the Privacy Act. This privacy statement explains the Group's practices for the collection and use of personal information. If you require further information about our privacy practices or if you wish to make a complaint concerning privacy issues, please contact us by writing to the Privacy Officer, MICM, 85 Queensbridge Street, Southbank 3006, by email to or by phone (613) 9697 8888.

    1. Personal information

    The Group will collect the personal information you provide to us on registration and other forms and applications. We may also keep a record of the information you provide to our representatives when your visit any of our properties. We will only use that information for the purposes for which you provide it to us. For example, we may use that information to fulfill your requests and to provide you with services. We may also use that information to keep you informed about new products and initiatives, and to assist the Group to conduct market research and to improve its services. Where practicable, we will give you the option to choose whether you wish to receive marketing materials from us.

    2. Sharing information

    To assist us in the conduct and maintenance of our business, we may share the information we collect within the Group. We will not provide your personal information to any organisation outside the Group without your consent, unless we are legally required to do so.

    3. Security of your personal information

    The Group will ensure that all of our staff involved in the collection, use and storage of your personal information are fully aware of and comply with the requirements of the Privacy Act and this privacy statement. The Group will ensure that your personal information is stored and disposed of in a secure environment. Each member of the Group has established security procedures to ensure that the personal information provided to us is protected from unauthorised access or use.

    4. Feedback

    The Group will regularly monitor its practices for the collection and use of personal information to ensure that those practices continue to meet its obligations to protect the privacy of that information. The Group is grateful for any feedback you may have in relation to its privacy practices.

    5. Access to your personal information

    If you wish to know what personal information the Group has collected about you, you can simply send us an email to and we will endeavour to provide an outline of that information as soon as practicable. If you wish to amend the information provided to any member of the Group, you can send an email to the same address and we will correct the information as soon as we can

    6. Tenancy Application Form

    The information MICM has collected on this Tenancy Application Form is required to assess your suitability to lease the property. To enable us to do this, it is necessary to disclose your personal information to others. We are unable to do so without your knowledge and consent. Without your consent, we will not be able to process your application. The people and organisations we may disclose your personal information to include the proposed landlord and their legal representatives, your financial institution or bank, your current and previous employer, your current and previous landlord, your referees, your next of kin contact, maintenance and trades people, rental bond authorities, residential tenancy tribunals, other Estate Agents, utility companies (such as electricity, gas, telephone and broadband providers) and the National Tenancy Database.

    I confirm that I have read and understood MICM's Privacy Statement. By signing I have agreed to all terms and condition of this application form
  • I acknowledge that this is an application to lease this property and that my application is subject to owner’s approval and the availability of the premises on the due date. I further acknowledge that if my application is successful, I will be required to pay all initial payments of rent and security deposit in advance by bank cheque to MICM within 48 hours and sign the lease agreement. I agree that all information provided herein is true and correct. Members of the Central Equity Group may use the information you provide for their marketing and business development purposes
    Please tick this box if you do not want to receive information on future MICM/Central Equity properties, for sale or rent, and events. Central Equity Limited and its subsidiaries are subject to the Privacy Act and have developed procedures for dealing with your personal information. For further information about our privacy policy, please refer to the privacy statement at
  • Identification Required for all occupants prior to key release

    Before the application will be considered, the applicant must achieve a minimum of 100 Check Points, and need to supply the following information to us by scanning the relevant documents and emailing them to, or by faxing all documents to us by the next business day on (+61) 3 9697 8822.

  • Direct Debit Request Form Property Management

  • The Application must be completed before it will be accepted for processing.