Things to notice when vacating



  • Contact your building manager as soon as possible to arrange lift access for removal of furniture (where applicable). Please check the body corporate rules for specific move out times for your building
  • Electricity – Please DO NOT DISCONNECT electricity until the final inspection has been completed. It is imperative that electricity is connected, so that a thorough inspection can be made
  • Water Authority (whichever authority is applicable) – To be contacted to read meter and finalise water account
  • Floors – ceramic tiles to be washed (grouting may need special attention)
  • Doors, walls, windowsills, skirting boards – should be thoroughly wiped over. Please pay particular attention to figure marks around the light switches. Remove any scuffmarks from the walls in the stairwells (if applicable). Please note that corrosive products should not be used i.e. Ammonia, Bleach or Sugar soap
  • Venetian Blinds – To be dusted and wiped over with a damp cloth
  • Light fittings – To be cleaned. All light globes not working are to be replaced
  • Exhaust Fan – covers are to be removed and cleaned
  • Dryer – Lint filter cover to be removed and cleaned
  • Air Conditioning Unit – Filter to be removed and cleaned as per manual (if manual not provided Google instructions)
  • Windows – To be cleaned inside and out (if they are within reach)
  • Balcony – To be thoroughly cleaned and free of rubbish
  • Carpets – To be professionally steamed cleaned. Carpets are to be thoroughly vacuumed prior to steam cleaning (a receipt for the cleaning must be provided when returning keys)
  • Cupboards – To be wiped clean inside and out
  • Stove – Oven, rangehood & griller, including backing trays, should be thoroughly cleaned. Paying particular attention around the gas jets and the join of the oven door, where food can accumulate
  • Bathroom and Toilets – Please pay particular attention to these areas. Grouting to be free of all soap residue and mould. Mirrors, shower screen and all tiles to be thoroughly cleaned
  • Garages/ Car Ports/ Storage Cages – All rubbish to be removed and free from oil stains
  • Gardens (if applicable) – Lawns to be mowed, garden weeded and shrubs pruned
  • Personal Belongings – Must be removed whether you require them or not. Charges will be made to remove and dispose of any items left behind
  • Keys & Parking Permits – Please return all keys, fobs, garage remotes and parking permits to our office by 5pm on the day that you are due to vacate. Non return of parking permits will incur a $10.00 charge. Notice, rental will continue to be charge until all keys returned
  • Redirection of Mail – Please contact the Post Office to arrange your mail to be re-directed to your new postal address. MICM will not take responsibility in forwarding mail to your new address
  • RentWill be charged until all of the above items are carried out, and the property is in a presentable condition